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Prismatic Diffusers
595mm x 595mm

  • Prismatic Diffusers

    RCT101 595 x 595
    Clear Prismatic light Diffusers

  • Diffuser

    RCT106 595x595
    Clear Crushed Ice Diffuser

  • Polystyrene Sheet

    RCT107 595x595
    Opal Crushed Ice Diffusers

  • Prismatic Diffusers

    RCT108 595x595
    Opal Prismatic Diffusers

1195mm x 595mm

  • Diffuser

    RCT121 1195 x 595 Clear Prismatic light Diffusers

  • Replacement ceiling tiles offer a full range of plastic prismatic diffusers for both the residential and commercial markets.



    Typically in commercial environments clear prismatic diffusers are used as both the clear plastic and prismatic effect allow for maximum light transmission. The prismatic diffuser sheets two main uses are to allow natural daylight to flood into an area from the skylights above, or to diffuse the light output from the recessed modular light fittings fluorescent tubes. Consequently Replacement Ceiling Tiles cut and stock prismatic diffusers in two sizes, 595mm x 595mm and 1195mm x 595mm, allowing for easy replacement within the exuding suspended ceiling grid. However, dependent upon the customer’s requirements, from master sheets we can also cut old imperial sizes (1210mm x 605mm and 605mm x 605mm) hence should your suspended ceiling be potentially more than 20 years old, then please before ordering take down an existing suspended ceiling tile or prismatic diffuser and measure in centimetres whether the tiles are 59.5cm x 59.5cm and 119.5cm x 59.5cm (METRIC) or 60.5cm x 60.5cm and 121cm x 60.5cm (OLD IMPERIAL).


    Whichever prismatic diffusers you need, whether they are standard metric sizes (59.5cm x 59.5cm and 119.5cm x 59.5cm) or old imperial sizes (60.5cm x 60.5cm and 121cm x 60.5cm) or bespoke sizes cut to customers requirement, please phone or e-mail our sales team and we will be happy to help in any way we can.



    When suspended ceilings are fitted in people’s homes the suspended ceiling grid often houses opal/milky prismatic and crushed ice light diffusers. As the milky plastic both conceals what is above the suspended ceilings and creates more of an ambient light within the home.


    Please contact our sales team now and we will be happy to help you choose the right prismatic diffusers for your ceiling.

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