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Suspended Ceiling Tile: Special Offers

Welcome to Replacement Ceiling Tiles

Welcome to Replacement Ceiling Tiles’ website. We specialise in the supply of suspended ceiling systems and its associated products, including suspended ceiling tiles, suspended ceiling grid, suspended ceiling lights and light diffusers.

Our Stock

With over 15,000 ft2 of warehouse space, we carry massive stocks of our supplies, which are available for immediate delivery throughout the UK. With over 50 years experience in suspended ceilings, whatever your requirements, we’ll be able to offer you free impartial advice and a first class service. PHONE NOW!

Types of Suspended Ceiling Tiles

The most popular types of suspended ceiling tiles lay in an exposed suspended ceiling grid. Dependant upon the configuration, the tiles will normally measure 59.5cm x 59.5cm or 119.5cm x 59.5cm. However, should you have an old suspended ceiling system, please take one of your ceiling tiles down and measure it, As old measurements used to be 60.5cm x 60.5cm and 121cm x 61cm. Prior to placing your order, please specify if you need 59.5cm X 59.5cm and 119.5cm X 59.5cm metric ceiling tiles or 60.5cm X 60.5cm and 121cm X 60.5cm old imperial ceiling tiles. We carry all sizes in stock, but before we ship your delivery, please ascertain which size you require.

Suspended ceiling tiles typically sit in the suspended ceiling grid in two ways. Ceiling tiles with a square edge profile, will sit on/flush with the suspended ceiling grid, whereas ones with a stepped edge profile, will sit in the suspended grid but drop between 5 or 6mm towards the floor. If your tiles have a stepped edge, it is important to establish whether they sit on a 15mm or 24mm suspended ceiling grid. Quite simply, you need to measure the width of your grid to ensure the ceiling tile fits. However should you not be on site, but have the desired tile with you, you can simply measure the front of it to determine whether it fits on a 15mm or 24mm grid. For example, if the front of the ceiling tile measures 57.5cm x 57.5cm, you know that it will fit on a 24mm suspended ceiling grid. Equally, if the front of the suspended ceiling tile measures 58.5cm x 58.5cm, you know that it fits on a 15mm suspended ceiling grid.

However, should you have any queries about the size of your ceiling tiles, the edge detail or the width of the suspended ceiling grid they sit on, please phone us and we’ll happily talk you through it!

If you are trying to match your existing ceiling tiles, once you’ve established the size, edge detail and width of ceiling grid, please feel free to browse through our website to find the relevant face pattern. On our website, you will find the most popular face patterns for ceiling tiles typically across the UK. However, should you be unsure of the face pattern you require, please e-mail us a photo of the desired ceiling tile and we’ll be happy to identify it for you!

Suspended Ceiling Installation

If you are planning to install a brand new suspended ceiling system, rather than simply replacing existing ceiling tiles, it is important to establish what environment the suspended ceiling is going in. For example, a suspended ceiling to go into a noisy call centre, will require a completely different setup than a gym chain would require for its shower area, or a fast food outlet would might require for its kitchen area. As the call centre may require soft fibre ceiling tiles with high sound absorption, the gym chain may require a calcium silicate materials with a 100% relative humidity, and the fast food outlet may require a gypsum based plasterboard with a wipeable finish. To ensure you install the right suspended ceiling system for the right commercial environment, please phone us and we’ll be happy to offer you the right suspended ceiling kit for the right environment, from a range of different manufacturers.

Commercial Lighting

To compliment our range of suspended ceilings and ceiling tiles, we also carry vast stocks of commercial lighting. Typically to light an area once a suspended ceiling has been installed, we would recommend the use of recessed modular light fittings, that lay in the suspended ceiling grid in the place of a ceiling tile. Subsequently, the modular light fittings come in two sizes: 59.5cm x 59.5cm and 119.5cm x 59.5cm. Dependant upon the commercial environment, aesthetic and lumen output required, the light fitting body will house either a Category II Louvre, prismatic sheet or plastic eggcrate. Standard light fittings will house four fluorescent tubes (18 watt fluorescent tubes in a 59.5cm x59.5cm light body and 36 watt fluorescent tubes in a 119.5cm x 59.5cm light fitting body), the fluorescent tubes come in a choice of colours, white, cool white and daylight.

We also sell LED tubes, that can be simply retro-fitted into existing modular light fittings. As due to recent advancements in LED technology, we can now offer LED tubes that offer a similar light output with less than half the electricity consumption. For example, a 600mm 9watt LED tube will use half the electricity of an equivalent 18watt fluorescent tube, not just now but long into the future. Especially important when you consider our tubes have a lifespan of over 40,000 hours or 19.2 years (calculations based on lights being on 8 hours a day, five days a week, 52 weeks a year). With the reduced energy bills and no maintenance costs, they make it an obvious choice for owner occupiers and those landlords and tenants taking a longer view.

Lighting Installation

Should you be installing a new suspended ceiling, rather than simply updating your existing lighting scheme by re-lamping, we would recommend the use of recessed modular LED panels, offering the customer the same great savings, but all in one custom built sealed unit.

Whether your after a complete suspended ceiling kit, a box of replacement ceiling tiles or you simply want to discuss the benefits of LED lighting, whatever your requirement, please get in touch, and we’ll be happy to offer you some free impartial advice.

And remember, we don’t just do suspended ceilings, we stock a massive selection of carpet tiles. Simply tell us the carpet tiles you’ve seen, laid before, liked the look of, or have been specified, and we guarantee to give you a cheaper equivalent! PHONE NOW!

All ceiling tiles on this website are CE Marked, and contain a ‘Class 0/Class 1 against BS476’ Spread of Flame.

We don’t just do suspended ceilings, we stock a massive selection of carpet tiles. Simply tell us the carpet tiles you’ve seen, laid before, liked the look of, or have been specified, and we guarantee to give you a cheaper equivalent!