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Suspended Ceiling tiles
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Ceiling tiles shrewsbury

Ceiling Tiles Shrewsbury


We sell a wide selection of ceiling tiles for suspended ceilings. We can deliver all of our products straight to our customers throughout the United Kingdom. Our office in Shrewsbury, Shropshire stocks an extensive range of ceiling tiles which includes many common ceiling tile types and many hard to find ceiling tiles too. We offer next day delivery on all of our products.


It is important to establish what environment the suspended ceiling is going in if you are planning to install a new suspended ceiling system. Don’t simply replace existing ceiling tiles. For example, a suspended ceiling to go into a noisy call centre, will require a completely different ceiling tile, than a gym chain would require for its shower area, or a fast food outlet would might require for its kitchen area. The call centre may require soft fibre ceiling tiles with high sound absorption, the gym chain may require a calcium silicate ceiling tile with a 100% relative humidity, and the fast food outlet may require a gypsum based plasterboard ceiling tile with a wipeable finish.


To ensure you install the right suspended ceiling system for the right commercial environment, please call us and we’ll be happy to offer you the right suspended ceiling kit for the right environment, from a range of different manufacturers.


Our ceiling tiles fit on 15mm and 24mm suspended ceiling grids. To find out which suspended ceiling tile grid your ceiling tiles fit in, measure the exposed part of the grid (usually coloured white). If you are unable to identify your suspended ceiling grid, contact us for further advice.


If you require light fittings our Recessed Modular Light Fittings are designed to lay into the Suspended Ceiling Grid in the same way a Suspended Ceiling Tile does.




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